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logo empresaJOFERFIL is today the face of a company with more than 30 years of experience in construction and sustainable rehabilitation of buildings.

JOFERFIL works through a project presented by the client, or in self-construction format, managing the coordination of contract, since the beginning of the project of all specialties to the final layout. It performs all masonry services, construction with traditional methods and application of new construction techniques (ETICS system, plasterboard on ceiling and walls), painting, thermal as well as acoustic insulation in walls, floors and roofs.

The rehabilitation of buildings have been a field of specialization in the last 15 years, where it takes into account several rehabilitation projects of religious buildings.

Although JOFERFIL was born in a construction environment boom, in a country under great economic growth, it presents today a straight commitment on quality, seeking permanently optimized and ecological construction solutions under a trust relationship with its clients.